SPACE stands for ‘Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment’. We call for enlightenment because before we can expect social change, prostitution must be recognised for the abuse that it is. SPACE is committed both to raising the public’s consciousness of the harm of prostitution and to lobbying governments to do something about it.

SPACE was first formed in Dublin, Ireland, in the spring of 2012 by five Irish women, all of them prostitution survivors. The decision was taken to run the group as a coalition of identified women, who chose to forgo their anonymity for the purpose of speaking out against prostitution in the public arena. In 2012 the group began to expand internationally and now includes women from Denmark, France, the US and the UK.


  • Cherie Jimenez
    Executive Director Boston, Massachusetts
  • Rachel Moran
    Founding member and European Coordinator. Dublin, Ireland
  • Laurence Noelle
    Representing Paris France
  • Jeanette Westbrook
    Representing Kentucky, USA.
  • Autumn Burris
    Representing California, USA.
  • Fiona Broadfoot
    Representing Leeds, UK
  • Tanja Rahm
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Rosen Hicher
    Saintes France

Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment


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